About OpenTDM

OpenTDM is a free, open source team deathmatch and 1v1 tournament mod for Quake II.

Information For Players

Servers running OpenTDM can download config files from opentdm.net to apply your preferred settings on any OpenTDM server. Current options include auto record, auto screenshot and team/enemy skin support. Register using the register link on the menu and use the config page for further details.

Run A Server

The OpenTDM Game DLL should be placed in a directory called opentdm under the Quake II directory. Windows users can find development binaries in the binaries/unstable/win32/ directory. Linux users can find a binary in the binaries/unstable/linux/ directory. It is recommended to build the forked version from source (see below) as the binarie here are very old.

Source code is available on github. To check out the latest code from git, use git clone https://github.com/notr1ch/opentdm.git opentdm to checkout the current source into a directory called opentdm. Change to the opentdm directory and run make to create a gamei386.so or gamex86_64.so and run it using r1q2ded. To update, run git pull in the OpenTDM source folder, followed by make. If you get unusual behaviour, please try the binaries above before filing a bug report.

It is recommended to use a forked version of OpenTDM by Andrey Nazarov at https://github.com/skullernet/opentdm for bug fixes and improvements.

Client Commands and Server Cvars

Please see the guide on the OpenTDM forum archive: http://www.r1ch.net/forum/index.php?topic=1547.0.